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The next meeting will be held at the Ling Ling Restaurant in Syracuse NY.
October 5th at 12pm.

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The New York State Wildlife Management Association (NYSWMA) is an organization comprised of professionals dedicated to resolving conflicts between humans and wildlife. Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs.) are licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

NYSWMA was formed in 1992 to promote the safe, legal and ethical removal of animals creating health and safety concerns to the public; to provide input to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Trappers Association, and other organizations; to conduct ourselves in a professional manner to our customers; to provide yearly training seminars and to become involved with relevant activities which the organization believes will create an accurate public image of the association.

NYSWMA administers educational seminars, requires members to adhere to the NYSWMA code of ethics, encourages all members to carry proper liability insurance, and attend state and national conferences and seminars relating to wildlife conflicts.

NWCOs are the first responders when people are having a wildlife problem. Governmental agencies are unprepared to handle the frequency and types of calls we receive. Common situations might be a skunk in a basement, squirrels in the attic, raccoons in a chimney, a bat in a bedroom, a snake behind the refrigerator, or beavers flooding a backyard. This list could go on and on. Many situations can be quite involved and complex to handle.

Individuals with animal problems might be referred to a NWCO by a local police agency, county health department, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, or other state or municipal agency. Agency personnel may realize their knowledge is limited and that poor information can create a larger problem. Many of these agencies know NWCOs who are professional, available 24-7, and willing to confront such problems. Animal Control officers and shelters are primarily for domestic animal problems, where as NWCOs work daily with wild animals. The methods and tools used in the field of animal damage control differ dramatically than those used within an animal shelter, veterinarian's office, or by a fur trapper. NWCOs are versed in the field of integrated pest management, NYS Environmental Law, and public health concerns.


NYSWMA has helped orchestrate changes to the 2004 licensing requirements of New York State NWCOs. Cornell University, the NYS DEC, and the New York State Wildlife Management Association have worked countless hours creating a standardized training manual and curriculum for NWCOs.

In 2016, the curriculum based on the Best Practices for Nuisance Wildlife Control, was made into a new training manual called the New York State Nuisance Wildlife Control Training Manual. This new training manual is required reading to pass the NYS DEC certification exam. Check out the contents of the book at In addition to the new training manual, there is now an online training and certification program that prospective NWCOs can take at any time to get their license, eliminating the need to go to the regional DEC offices. NYSWMA members can receive 10% off their book order by using the code NYSWMA.

The New York State Wildlife Management Association wishes to extend to you our expertise. We would appreciate to opportunity to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding problem wildlife management.


The next meeting will be held at the Ling Ling Restaurant in Syracuse NY.
October 5th at 12pm.


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